Diamonds are not always forever…

As we know, diamonds – as a compound of carbon – are not fireproof. Unfortunately, very good to burn! This also applies to most of the works of art that, in addition to artistic values, also have a financial dimension.

The need to protect valuable cultural artefacts, jewelery, collections or archives bibliophile from digestion by fire is natural. If a fire breaks out, even in the case of rapid response, damage can be huge – whether it is caused by the action of the fire or resulting from fire fighting. Insurance is not always able to compensate for the loss incurred.




On the other hand, investing in LOXYS-SAFE®, you will receive full protection against the possibility of a fire in a protected area, for a comparatively small sum. An additional aspect of the application of our technology is solid, full and safe access to the protected room. Here we can freely reside, and work. Furthermore, the use of the system LOXYS-SAFE® can help reduce the risk of serious accident, which will significantly reduce the amount of the sum insured.

The protection offered by the system LOXYS-SAFE®, goes further: by safely lowering the oxygen content of the air decreases and slow down oxidation processes, and thus the aging of protected objects. This is invaluable for storing very old objects, while allowing scientists / conservationists safe operation.




In such areas, it is possible to decrease the oxygen content in the air, even below the level of 13.6% for the storage of objects, and raising it above this level only when the room will accommodate human beings. Control of these processes is fully automatic, and times of access to the protected areas can be programmed in advance.