There is no smoke without fire… and fire without oxygen!

Simply reducing the oxygen in the air to 14-15%, which corresponds to traversing an altitude of about 2,700 m above sea level, for example, on the highest peak of the Tatra Mountains. In such conditions, oxygen can not ignite any source of fire, lighters, matches, gas, etc. When the oxygen content in the air will reduce even further, to 13.6% – equivalent to traversing an altitude of about 3000 m above sea level – Inflammation of fire is virtually impossible.

All the major reasons explode fires, such as:

  • arson flammable chemical (gasoline, thinner, alcohol, etc.,
  • throwing cigarette butts,
  • the occurrence of sparking wires, the electrical circuit, etc.

in a room protected by a system LOXYS-SAFE® will not have any causal power!




Exceptions may be, in extreme cases, specialized materials burning anaerobically: white phosphorus or napalm – but in places protected by LOXYS-SAFE® fire, which is a consequence of the burning of these materials will not be able to spread to the rest of the room.