It is good to avoid the fire – it is better to actively prevent it!

Fire protection industry is mainly involved in the development and optimization of traditional systems of fire extinguishing already arisen. Meanwhile, the protective system LOXYS-SAFE offers you a different and innovative look at the issue. Why extinguish uncontrolled spread of fire, if you can not admit to his creation? To fire occurred, must also exist three factors: the material is flammable, oxidizer and an ignition source. Fire does not rise, if you run any of these items. Our technology is based on the reduction of the oxygen content in the air to the amount of rise fire prevented, while making no damage to persons staying in the room.

In the hall, equipped with technology LOXYS-SAFE creation fire becomes practically impossible. At the same time protected the same place at the same time is always available for the people. Unlike other inertial systems – in areas protected by the system LOXYS-SAFE people not only can constantly stay, but work normally and safely. The man staying in such conditions is available to the same quantity of oxygen, which in the natural environment at an altitude of about 2700 meters to 3000.


LOXYS-SAFE is stable and secure. Computer-controlled system every second monitors the air, while automatically guided air conditioning and a regular exchange of gases. A side effect of being in a room where it is installed LOXYS-SAFE, may be to improve the health and efficiency of employees. Work in a stable, high-altitude climate increases concentration and productivity, due to the stimulation of the body to optimize its economy oxygen and start the whole chain of changes described in Chapters altitude training and medicine and alpine climate. The effects of these processes operate long after leaving the protected spaces.

The LOXYS-SAFE can be installed in areas with virtually any surface – from 10 m2 to 1000 m2. Applications of this technology may relate to very different areas of increased fire protection. LOXYS-SAFE is recommended for use in:

  • server rooms,
  • laboratories,
  • production facilities,
  • warehouses,
  • archives,
  • libraries,
  • archaeological laboratories,
  • and many others.