Mysterious gene EPAS

The most spectacular body’s response to hypoxia-induced subtle exposure to high altitude conditions is deeply rooted in our DNA. The human body is equipped in the evolution of the EPAS1 gene that is responsible among other things for the human ability to adapt to the altitude. This gene encodes a protein HIF, which in the normal oxygen content for humans loses its activity. Only when a slight hypoxia of this protein starts to affect the expression of other genes than 100 (wherein it is suspected that even at about 200 genes) that regulate the activity of approximately 700 enzymes. It is described by hypoxia-inducible factor activity comes to increased production of erythropoietin (EPO), and many other positive effects of its activity, so that the body improves its functionality.

This effect is used:

  • in sport,
  • in medicine,
  • in the renewal area,
  • prolonging life,
  • in rehabilitation,
  • and other applications.




We bring mountains to you!

This seems unlikely, but possible. LOXYS technology enables the creation of high-altitude conditions at any fitness club and other training rooms. The health benefits of altitude training can be read here. But the most important advantage of altitude training, in addition to a very fast and effective fat reduction and improved efficiency, the length of training, but rather its short duration. The whole workout can be done in about 1 hour! What compared to conventional training methods allows to achieve significant and very fast results. As a result, we save time, and build the perfect silhouette at the same time gain physical fitness at the level of a master!

Training in the conditions offered by LOXYS is a solution that will prepare you to start at the highest professional level. High-altitude training, and exactly „intermittent hypoxic training” (IHT) can lead our capacity expressed in VO2max values indywidulanego optimum. So you will be able to achieve the results that are currently in the realm of dreams. Being is the fact that in high altitudes is not in use all the time. Enough during the year 2 sessions of 10-14 workouts to at all times maintain a high level of efficiency. At the same time thanks to the altitude trainings longer breaks are much better tolerated, and the loss of power and efficiency is much smaller. The efficiency we create an artificial atmosphere of alpine evidenced by the fact that trusted us 34 representatives of different sports at the highest level.




Such a body’s response to high altitude conditions means that the area covered by the trauma is healed much faster, while respiratory and circulatory rehabilitation, so that the loss of physical fitness is much smaller. To achieve this, sufficient short-term stays (1-2 hours) in terms of lifting, and the consequent stay in „normal” conditions will allow the body to 100% oxygen utilization and accelerate tissue regeneration.