Controlled and surgical hypoxia

Surgery is often a necessity. In breach of the integument, which is a huge stress factor for the body. Preparing for surgery requires prior notification to the hospital for diagnosis and final qualifications for surgery. This is due to scaling of life, which is directly related to a decrease in metabolic rate and efficiency of the organism. The period after surgery, for obvious reasons require hospitalization, which is often limited to bed rest. After leaving the walls of the hospital must continue frugal lifestyle and do not strain around the surgical wound in order to avoid breaking the stitches.




Such a long period characterized by very low activity leaves behind traces in the form of a significant drop in capacity (especially in athletes and people practicing), weight gain and a reduction in muscle mass (in the elderly). The surgery itself leaves a trace in the form of wound, the healing process can take place in different ways, leaving the usually unaesthetic scar. In people with diabetes the healing process takes a very long time, which can cause many complications in the wound, in the form of the infection or necrosis.

Stimulus alpine environments – causing a number of adaptive responses to the height – makes the human body a lot better to tolerate the stress of surgery. Your continued use of the mountain air  after surgery helps in the process of healing the wounds, bringing excellent cosmetic result, and in people with diabetes accelerates the formation of scar tissue. An additional effect of the stimulus impact of the mountain air is to improve aerobic capacity by improving the body’s ability to transport oxygen and launch a number of growth factors, so that loss of function is no or minimal. At the same time higher activity of a number of growth factors causes the loss of muscle mass is small, and the improvement of metabolism at the cellular level to protect the body from storing fat.




All of these effects are achievable thanks to the properties alpine climate. It is difficult, however, in the pre-and post surgery be in such conditions. LOXYS offers the possibility to create the conditions for mountain air in any room. Never before has the properties of high-altitude climate were not available in this form. Offered by our solution is considered the best on the market, due to the provision of high quality indoor air and undergo constant altitude made the computer control.


Prior to the surgery

Staying inconditions with mountain air before surgery is directed primarily to changes in the morphological picture of blood. The overall effect is here increased ejection effect on the purpose of the slight erythropoietin, yet effective increase in red blood cell count and hemoglobin. As a result, potential blood loss during surgery will not be as significantly affected the may occur after surgery weakness. The increase in red blood cells, induced in said, naturally, can protect the operated person from having a blood transfusion, which is not completely indifferent to the body. Depending on the condition and type of illness, it is possible to carry out various types of training sessions. For athletes may be a full-length workouts that in the period before the procedure will raise efficiency above average, which will pay off after a period of convalescence slight loss of form. More about altitude training you can read about here.




People struggling with serious illnesses, or other reasons that prevent them from practicing  a physical activity, may thank to stays in altitude created conditions which will raise the efficiency of your body without strenuous exercise. Even the stay in such conditions activates the whole cascade of mechanisms, depending on the inactive under „normal” oxygen content. Only stimulus in the form of a subtle elevation of hypoxia allows full activation of this protein. It is through the activity of HIF occurs in increased production of erythropoietin, which in turn affects the bone marrow, which is in turn formed of red blood cells. However, the activity factor, which for centuries stored in our genetic material does not end. This leads to stimulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), whose activity is particularly important during wound healing. There are larger amounts of cellular glucose transporters (GLUT), which allows you to keep blood sugar at the right level (more in the section devoted to diabetes). This leads to increased activity of growth factors. Particularly becomes active insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and transforming growth factor (TGF-alpha), which are critical to growth. As a result of the presence of loss of muscle mass are marginal, they help the body’s cells to survive adverse situations. This is of particular importance not only athletes, but also in the elderly, which the body can no longer rebuild lost muscle fibers.

All of these benefits are achievable thanks to the passion of people who for centuries have discovered the beneficial properties of the alpine environment and modern technology, which enables the production of the high-rise wherever they may benefit. Technology LOXYS creates conditions heights effectively, in a stable and safe for everyone.