The higher the less

Rehabilitation is a long, painful, requiring the full commitment of the rehabiltated person and the physiotherapist. The classic process of rehabilitation is to increase mobility and muscle atrophy niedoprowadzeniu to and contractures. In order to obtain faster improvement is necessary recourse to modern methods of improving the rehabilitation process. One of these methods is the rehabilitation conducted under conditions of altitude. It is unrealistic to transport persons with severe locomotor dysfunction in the high mountains. But, thanks to technology LOXYS, terms of elevation may be available under the currently existing rehabilitation room.




has developed an innovative method for creating the heights inside the premises, using the latest technical developments. Terms of heights created by our system to meet the highest performance in terms of both the amount of permanent control and hygienic conditions of the air, which in contrast to other systems do not require periodic ventilation of rooms. More about our technology, you will find the section – Details of LOXYS technology.




The most important element of physiological rehabilitation in terms of lifting the body’s response to subtle hypoxia that occurs during high-altitude expeditions. The human body in response to hypoxia activates a number of adaptive mechanisms, which is the basis of protein – hypoxia inducued factor (HIF 1A). It affects more than 100 genes the expression of which regulate subsequent enzymatic pathways. In this way, the entire human body ekonomizuje their work, improves the mechanism for delivering oxygen to tissues (larger amount of EPO – erythropoietin) neurotransmission and improves. Detailed information on this subject are described in section High altitude training.