Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is an important risk factor for asthma. allergic rhinitis (depending on the testing protocol) is suffered by 10-25% of the world population. Rhinitis  is associated with overactivity of the typical allergens. Seasonal and year-round symptoms of allergic rhinitis in the form of abundant secretions from the nose and frequent sneezing along with headache should be diagnosed by a specialist.




At the core of the pathophysiological development of allergic rhinitis, allergic inflammation is extending the increased expression to cell adhesion molecules mucosa while impaired functioning of the apparatus and the ciliated mucus removal mechanism. Such persons are more frequent suffering form upper respiratory infections. The high-altitude environment can come to the rescue, however this type of environment is available not always. Modern technology allows you to create the conditions indicated in each room, so that the beneficial properties of high altitude may be available forever.

The benefits for the respiratory system of stays in altitude conditions have already been described in the section dealing with asthma. In brief recall: the conditions of altitude environment reduce to a minimum the inflammation by the stimulus effect on the whole body, especially the balance between oxidative and antioxidant reactions . At the same time in the inflamed tissue, blood circulation is improved, so that local swelling subsides. This allows the control of allergic reactions, sneezing and headaches and reduce to a minimum the risk of developing asthma.




LOXYS technology in pulmonary diseases

LOXYS technology provides the best in the world ability to create the conditions of heights, eliminating technical problems, which are loaded with other, outdated solutions. In the studies of Soviet scientists often discussed is the issue of how you can effectively get altitude conditions, which also will be safe. Used for this purpose various methods, focusing on the chambers where the pressure is lowered. However, this method is not completely safe. Also carried out work on the reduction of the percentage of oxygen in the room without a change in pressure, but failed to create a method that would be completely safe and stable.

Revolution in this regard introduced LOXYS. We are able to maintain pressure without changing the constant parameters, and create the right conditions of heights, providing simultaneous stable control of the percentage concentration of oxygen in the room. Our system works with air-conditioning and ventilation. The big advantage of our method is that the high-altitude conditions prevailing inside the room allow normal functioning – work, exercise and restful sleep … As opposed to restricting the normal functioning of inhalation devices (containing a mixture of air with nitrogen), the technology LOXYS assumes full adaptation of premises or whole parts of buildings. More about the technology you find in department Details of LOXYS technology .




Many of our customers are used to the system LOXYS constant struggle with asthma and allergic rhinitis – systems are installed in offices and homes, often in the bedrooms, where you sleep at an altitude of about 3300 m above sea level lets forget about the medical disorder in children and adults.