Healthy mountain air

In alpine regions have been leading centers of health resort treatment for people suffering from respiratory allergic for a long period of time. The reason for the location of these centers is that they are in very good hygienic conditions of air in mountainous regions. The air in the mountains is devoid of dust and allergens, but this is not the most significant therapeutic stimulus in the case of allergic diseases of the respiratory system. The most important factor is the influence of the amount and exact impact on the patient’s subtle hypoxia, which is experienced during your stay in the high mountains. This is a stimulus which  produces in the human body a number of positive changes that allow you to bring them back to full health.




LOXYS technology enables the creation of conditions for mountain air in every room, starting on homes and ending on halls of rehabilitation. The therapeutic efficacy of simulated altitude conditions you can read in the sections devoted to asthma and allergic rhinitis.