Rupture of tendons and ligaments

Damage of these structures of the musculoskeletal system is particularly troublesome on and off the injured person for a considerable time with physical activity. If the injury is relevant in the lower limbs, often associated with significant difficulties in everyday life. All the previously described mechanisms of the organism adaptation to hypoxia are versatile controlled, therefore, bring beneficial effects in any other trauma.




The tendons and ligaments around a central role in the regeneration process also plays a factor vascular endothelial growth. His intense expression is essential to the proper and rapid accretion of tendons and ligaments. This is of particular importance in the treatment of ruptured Achilles tendon or the anterior cruciate ligament. They are the most common serious injuries requiring operating supplies. Simultaneously rehabilitation in these cases is long lasting. For this reason, the implementation of high-rise residence conditions will accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and will be a part of early rehabilitation. It has been demonstrated in experimental models that tenocytes (tendon cells) grow between twice faster in high altitudes, which is explained by high activity of vascular endothelial growth factor (Petersen W. 2003). That fast progressive regeneration of the damaged tendon requires no further comment.