Treatment of joint injuries

Damage to the joints are mainly ligaments injuries (which we covered here). Degenerative conditions associated with damage to the articular cartilage may result from

  • direct damage – the contusion, fracture ends of the joint, or
  • indirect damage – with abnormal excessive encumbrance, as is unstable joints after injury, for example, the ligaments.

Articular cartilage is destroyed as a joint inflammation (eg rheumatoid arthritis or suppurative knee). Nutrition of the tissues takes place mainly by diffusion and through the capillaries that extend from the subchondral vessels. In the states of degenerative articular surfaces, particularly at their significant advancement, it is necessary to perform together with the necessary artoskopii surgical interventions. However, the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the activity of appropriate growth factors. In this respect, plays an important role, and platelet derived growth factor mentioned above endothelial growth factor. Due to their presence stimulates the processes of tissue repair and regeneration after injury, stimulate the migration of cells to the site of injury and their proliferation and differentiation, and proliferation of blood vessels.




Stimulating tissue growth factors gives very good results in the treatment of degenerative conditions and overload. Under typical circumstances, they are supplied from the outside in the form of injections. Thanks to the altitude the human body begins to be synthesized in large quantities by yourself, especially in critically ischemic. This allows for outstanding improvement of the treatment process. At the same time further rehabilitation carried out under conditions of altitude allows the elimination of the effects of immobilization or reduction of the intensity of life and exercise. More on this topic can be found under Rehabilitation.




These benefits are achievable thanks to the manufacturing conditions analogous to stay in the high mountains, offered by LOXYS. Our proposed tool found wide acceptance in sport training, rehabilitation and medicine. Its great advantage is security related to the lack of pressure inside the premises. LOXYS system does not require the construction of a special chamber – can be implemented within the existing premises. His simultaneous connection to the air conditioning and ventilation system with concurrent control by the computer system provides stable conditions heights, which can be in the range of 300 to 6000 m above sea level, the level of CO2 in the room does not exceed 0.5%. It is the only solution on the market. For more information about the technology LOXYS check the section – Details of LOXYS technology.