Orthopedic treatment supported by hypoxia 

Contemporary orthopedics copes well with common injuries in the extremities. Fracture is not already a huge challenge therapeutic in a technical sense. The same applies to attachment of broken or damaged articular ligaments. It should be taken into account that may develop complications during the healing process. Poor blood circulation developing at the site of injury produces an unfavorable extracellular which consequently hinder the process of healing. In the case of complications during the healing of bones under extreme oxygen deficiency can lead to inflammation of bone and / or the development of anaerobic bacterial flora – which is a very serious complication.




Complications zrastaniu a broken tendons and ligaments are not as serious, but under adverse conditions – dependent on the development of vasculature within the injury – can lead to slow healing of, and the resulting new connection can be considerably weakened.

The above complications can be effectively counteracted by strengthening the whole body and focus its enzymatic mechanisms to adapt to the altitude. The possibility of such a giving LOXYS®, the system successfully produces high-altitude conditions in the lowlands.