The fight against diabetes – at a high level!

Carefully selected set of exercises, which take place at a height of approx. 2,200 to 2,500 meters above sea level already allows quickly induce the body’s response consisting of increased blood levels of a single batch of enzymes and the emergence of many new ones. One of these effects is related to the occurrence of the mucous membranes in more glucose transporters (GLUT), making it much easier glucose enters the cell, whereby the amount of blood decreases.

High glucose levels is quickly reduced to physiological values. It can be observed in addition a higher concentration of insulin receptors, which in itself alpine climate justify the use in the treatment of diabetes. At the same time physical exercise at high altitude also contributes to increased glucose consumption while lowering cholesterol (Chen Ch et al 2010, Chiu Li. et al 2004, Azevedo JL. et al 1995).

Such a a way of combating high levels of sugar in the blood is an innovative method that can significantly reduce the dose of medication, and in some cases lead to a complete cure of diabetes type II.




Larger number of glucose transporters and  insulin receptors is associated with the activity of HIF-1 protein, which also stimulates vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), so that there is a development of capillary networks (microcapillaries). Microvasculature network expansion is an effective way to stop the development of the so-called diabetic angiopathy – damage to blood vessels particularly in the feet (diabetic foot). Please note that untreated agniopatia leads to the amputation!

Weight gain associated with the development of fat deposition which is closely linked to the notorious elevations of blood sugar leads in a short time to change carbohydrate disorders and, consequently, to diabetes. In order to avoid this scenario, the person should strive to reduce excess body fat, which is a poor prognostic factor. Exercising in terms of lifting significantly increase fat burning – see: Obesity and overweight.