„High fat burning”

The best method to burn fat (specifically, free fatty acids) is an aerobic exercise, with a constant intensity being at least 20, and preferably 120 minutes. This process is slow because adipose tissue is poorly supplied with blood and thus can not be maintained assume the availability of oxygen necessary to burn fat.

Training at altitude conditions lead to an effective extension of the network of blood vessels in the adipose tissue. Its better blood flow is associated with a greater degree of oxygenation. As a result, it is possible to burn fat faster, and its concomitant better nutrition allows, among others, effectively get rid of cellulite (such techniques apply modern wellness centres).




In addition, the body is increased release of leptin, which actually reduces appetite and stimulates the release of free fatty acids (i.e., which is made of fat) – as a source of energy consumed during exercise (Wiesner S. et al. 2009, Netzer C. et al 2008, Lippl FJ. et al 2010), and to lower blood sugar levels. Increased activity of the whole range of growth factors increases the reduction of adipose tissue in favor of the increase in muscle mass.

This effect can be achieved by exercises of low intensity (which has a beneficial impact on our joints), made at the height of 2000-2500 m above sea level. Exercise should last for a minimum of 45 to 120 min. After a series of several such training body „programmed” to burn fat, which effectively enhances fat reduction. This effect may persist for a few months after training at altitude. Appetite control allows you to limit the amount of calories, and the reduction of blood sugar levels prevents the further development of adipose tissue.