More sometimes is better

Hyperoxia is higher than normal concentration of oxygen in the tissues. The said hyperoxia when the concentration of partial arterial oxygen exceeds 300 mmHg. Hyperoxia is used in medicine as a therapeutic method, as hypoxia.

In the LOXYS offers is available an additional module HYPERO – which allows a smooth increase in the concentration of oxygen in the room climate up to 30%. Therapy increased concentration of oxygen – hyperoxia – recommended by us after the completion of the previous exercise in terms of lifting. Earlier exercises in conditions of reduced oxygen streamline and udrażniają all the mechanisms associated with the transport of oxygen and oxygen metabolism in the body.




The effect of applying a normobaric hyperoxia to the customer / patient is increasing the amount of oxygen is diluted in plasma and the additional stimulation of cell metabolism. But keep in mind that only with prior actions of the body, stimulated alpine climate, the increased amount of oxygen can be fully utilized and efficiently supplied to the brain, heart, cartilage, bone and other tissues damaged, eg by various circulatory disorders.