Hypoxia = health?

… hypoxia, even severe but of a short period , can cause positive effects in the human body…

This statement will be  at least surprising to many people, even more surprising is the fact that the so-called Medicinal hypoxia, which consists of being in high altitudes, is used for a long time. Many organisms living on the land (including the majority of people) have built diverse defense mechanisms that assist them in response to oxygen deficiency. Is responsible for this is gene EPAS1. The reaction of the body is related with activation of hypoxia inducible factor – HIF. This factor is activated after a stay in the conditions of a stable high-altitude climate, it works even many months after the usage.




Special methods of treatment have been developed  which are involving the exposure of the patient to the analogous conditions that prevail in the high mountains. In particular, the positive effects are observed in the course of:

  • treatment of metabolic disorders – especially diabetes type 2 and obesity,
  • treatment of bronchial asthma,
  • healing of surgical wounds,
  • rehabilitation,
  • and others.

The effect of  the therapy in terms of high mountains is considerable opportunity to return to health in a non-invasive and natural way, and in some cases, discontinuation or dose reduction of drugs. Why then do so few people have heard of it?

Until recently, access to high-altitude climate combined with the cumbersome and costly departure in the high mountains for example. In the Alps, the Pyrenees and Tibet, there is a whole range of exclusive spas treating asthma and offering rehabilitation services at altitudes above 2200 m above sea level, but to stay in them is affordable to very little  amount of people. From the Olympic Games in 1968, which took place in Mexico,this theory was established as true, many systems of artificial hypoxia (see History of high-altitude training), but they are cumbersome to use and unstable, and their maintenance is very expensive. It was not until the creation of the system Lowoxygen Systems, which derives LOXYS technology enabled the introduction of stable conditions of normal alpine climate in laboratories, patient rooms, training rooms, and even to much larger premises, such as swimming pools. This has opened up many opportunities for scientists whose research so far has been limited or risks arising from the negative impact of reduced pressure in the chambers, or simply the high cost of research.




Effects of using

The mechanism responsible for the positive effect of altitude therapy has been developed on several levels, such as:

  • regulation  of breathing,
  • cellular respiration,
  • oxygen reactive species,
  • activation of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF).

The initial response to hypoxia is to increase the amount of breaths and increase heart rate. This is especially marked during the first stays in simulated altitude conditions. This response in time is not as severe because of the development of the mechanisms of adaptation, however,  an increase has been observed  in the sensitivity of the respiratory center of the low oxygen content, which may be used in the problems associated with sleep apnea. At the same time within hypoxic tissues before a response from the point of view of increasing the amount of hemoglobin, the oxygen transport is improved within the cell membrane, so that it is effectively used for the energy needs of the body. Improved functionality of the cell membranes has been used in the so-called preconditioning the heart, which is described below along with the response to hypoxia are unable to prepare myocardium to serious hypoxia (myocardial infarction, cardiac surgery), so that the damaged area of the myocardium can be much smaller




In conditions of reduced oxygen content of the air increases the production of  the so-calle rdeactive oxygen species (ROS), commonly known as free radicals (other term oxidative stress). Although at first glance appears to be a disadvantage, more ROS stimulates antioxidant enzymes to increase their activity. In this way, the short-term exposures to high-altitude conditions allow  to improve one of the most important defensive elements of our body, which are antioxidant enzymes. A similar situation exists during very intense exercise, during which also increases the level of oxidative stress, antioxidant enzymes then stimulant to increase its activity. High activity of antioxidant enzymes is responsible for the longevity and good resistance, which is characteristic of people regularly trained. This mechanism has been applied for the treatment of asthma and allergic rhinitis and other diseases in which plays a key role developing inflammation. You also can mention atherosclerosis, diabetes or heart rhythm disturbances, often the result of systemic inflammation. Worthy of note is the fact that after several stays in terms of high mountains the body’s enzyme system is prepared in the event of acute episodes of ischemia or hypoxia, by activating the preventive mechanisms.


Important for the patients

LOXYS specializes in creating an atmosphere of high altitude. The manufactured by our terms and conditions may be effected by the discussed above hardening of the heart muscle, making it possible to avoid a heart attack, and if it occurs  it will be far less severe complications. In addition, regular sessions in conditions of reduced oxygen content allow you improve your fitness, lower resting heart rate and normalize blood pressure. These effects can be achieved without the need for physical exercise. Passive stay also brings the same result, so that patients desire to return to active leisure. Positive consequences of therapy in conditions of reduced oxygen has been shown both in patients with known cardiac disease, as well as in healthy individuals.




Important for the doctors / scientist

LOXYS provides the technology to guarantee stable conditions inside the rooms. This allows you to explore and implement innovative methods of dealing with all kinds of diseases and ailments, without the risk of the emergence of confounding factors. All requirements are met, the study puts to such projects – maximum safety for the patient, stable and reproducible conditions for the researcher. Studies using controlled hypoxia for several years to bring the world of science more and more solutions that change the look on a variety of issues, particularly in the field of biomedical sciences. Hypoxia appears to be not only something that should be associated with the withering away of tissue. It becomes a tool and a key to opening up a new field of action in clarifying the mechanisms of physiological, biochemical or genetic.