In the mountains before you go!

We want to give to you the opportunity to pre-acclimatization to the altitude before moving to the mountains. More on the impact of staying in the high mountains on the human body can be read in the department Alpinism and himalayan mountaineering.




The initial acclimatization allows from the first days feel confident in a mountain region, without the risk of symptoms of acute mountain sickness. This will allow you to spend more time exploring the mountains without increased effort. Created by our team offer is so constructed that will allow anyone interested in gaining a secure high mountains to find something for themselves.


LOXYS system are:

  1. technology, which allows high-altitude environment will always hand,
  2. training courses explaining how to carry out an initial acclimatization,
  3. access to our consultants who will answer any question,
  4. necessary medical courses (first aid, basic mountain medicine).




Training LOXYS altitude conditions are:

  1. opportunity of a pre-acclimatization at one of our centers (you can train at the desired height even above 6000 m asl),
  2. course and training in recognizing the symptoms of improper acclimatization and the wider mountain medicine,
  3. first aid course,
  4. unlimited access to our consultants.

You are serious about gaining niebosiężnych peaks? Even today, please contact us and we will share with you our passion and fascination with the high mountains!




We also offer extensive training in mountain medicine. It is possible to call pre-acclimatization and training. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the training program.