Increase the capacity of the body of your player!

The use of the latest methods of training is extremely important when the goal is gaining first places on the podium. Training alpine, taking into account the historical aspect, it is the latest method. However, the training assisted by hypoxia, which is analogous to the training pitch, it’s a different quality. It is devoid of all the disadvantages that are associated with going to the mountains high, you can train all year round, and not too far from the permanent residence of the player.




LOXYS Technology is not only a system that allows the creation of conditions at height in any room. It is also a full consultancy for conducting training at the altitude, based on the experience of several generations of German trainers.

Our team is tips on installing LOXYS in the room. In addition, we conduct a needs analysis with the analysis of cost and provide complete care while adapting architectural spaces for the purposes of altitude training. We also offer training trips to our facilities, located in Germany and Poland, where under the guidance of our consultants is possible to perform full altitude training and gain valuable experience.




LOXYS are:

  • technological solution enabling the creation of conditions heights,
  • care architectural and design in order to adapt the premises,
  • consultations on the training pitch / assisted hypoxia,
  • courses and training in altitude training,
  • organizing training trips to our facilities and scientific development.




An effective and safe workout using subtle hypoxia is made possible by proper knowledge. We help you gain this knowledge by the training offered by us.