Training at the world level

If you have a feeling that the current training cycle only maintains form and does not produce much effect, this means that you should start to use other methods than before. One of these methods is the high altitude training.

Departure to the high mountains, however, involves lots of logistical inconveniences and high costs of such a trip. At the same time, in some high altitude sports training exercise prevents the fundamental disciplines (eg football or hurdles) focusing only on efficiency, which may be associated with a decrease in technical skills.




The team LOXYS is for your proposal, which will enable implementation of altitude training throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions, providing practice almost all sports! How is this possible? Technology LOXYS a technological solution that produce high-altitude conditions specified in each room, allowing the implementation of training at an altitude of up to 6000 m above sea level!




We provide training and consultation on the training pitch, and our knowledge is based on experience and achievements of the German pioneers in the field of this type of techniques.

Savings and also as a present to our training centers. There you can see how your body responds to this type of stimulation, and even take a full cycle of training at the highest level.




In case of doubt, please e-mail – we will answer every question! Please also say information about us to the coach.