Rehabilitation at the world level 

Success in carrying out treatments of physiotherapy and rehabilitation care to the same extent rehabilitated person and therapist. However, there are methods to assist this process. This method is the use of high-altitude climate, and technology to create a precisely analogous conditions in your office. Use the altitude can significantly speed up the process of rehabilitation, while resulting in improved well-being, because hypoxia induces subtle body therapist ejection of serotonin.

The health benefits of using technology LOXYS:

  • acceleration of the process of rehabilitation,
  • improvement in aerobic capacity of the organism,
  • prevention of weight gain and loss of efficiency of the organism,
  • satisfaction of your customers due to a very speedy recovery.




This method of treatment gives excellent results in the rehabilitation of professional athletes, so that they return quickly interrupted by an injury to the workouts. Today it is used by sports stars, which can become and your customers. Rehabilitation using conditions that exist in the sport altitude decades German wherein is mainly based on our technology. In order to better understand why the conditions heights are so potent tool in the process of rehabilitation after injury and surgery, we encourage you to read the sections devoted to sports rehabilitation and medical treatment.

The team LOXYS provides technological solutions to create and maintain stable conditions at height in existing areas. In addition, we provide:

  • necessary care architectural,
  • training courses conducted by the German pioneers of altitude training,
  • access to our consultants who will provide practical and theoretical information regarding the use of the high-rise in therapy and sport.




There is also the opportunity to go to our scientific research centers, in order to see how this kind of exposure affects the body and well-being of both the therapist and the patient / client. We also provide our LOXYS room where you can organize rehabilitation for your customers. We provide stay and meals.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We will provide all the necessary information.

Proper conduct of the rehabilitation process is made possible by specialized knowledge. The knowledge you gain on the training offered by LOXYS.