Faster recovery

Anyone who has had to face the disease, choose the goal of a quick return to normal life LOXYS system provides faster and more comfortable recovery, and often avoiding serious complications. The effectiveness in many fields of medicine is scientifically proven, which can be seen in the section Medicine and alpine climate.

LOXYS is a company with a long tradition that has developed on the basis of the German scientific experiments. The inspiration was the observation that people who treat and rehabilitate centers located high in the Alps, much faster regain full health. Terms heights of alpine resorts decided to play also in the lowlands. Thanks to the perseverance of its constructors LOXYS technology is currently the best solution of this type in the world.




If you are interested in creating altituted conditions for yourself or your partner, please contact us. If you are plagued your typical civilization diseases – diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or have difficulty with full rehabilitation after an accident or surgery, please contact us. LOXYS team prepared several possible solutions to such problems.

We recommend:

  • trips to our research and development centers, where you will carry out a full, individually tailored to your needs training cycle in terms of lifting, which will regain full health,
  • the full range of necessary consultations before and after the training cycle,
  • the necessary determinations of blood parameters before and after exercise in terms of lifting, to underline the positive changes that have taken place in the body.

At the same time we do not limit your diet and access to drugs, although we recommend a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The mechanism that causes a number of positive changes in your body after exposure to high altitude conditions, read here.




If you have any questions, please contact us – we will answer every question. Please also provide us information about your doctor, psysiotherapist or coach.

If you want to expand your knowledge on the effect of altitude on the human body, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of courses offered by LOXYS.