Reduce the time your patient rehabilitation!

Conducting rehabilitation and physical therapy after surgery is very important. You can restore efficiency and avoid dangerous complications. Every physiotherapist knows that exercise bedside and other forms of slow motor rehabilitation give effect only after a longer period of time. This slow return to health, which also is highly dependent on the attitude of the patient is burdened often fail because of the lack of a strong enough motivation. With the help comes in such cases LOXYS technology, allowing patients staying in mountain conditions, which significantly reduces the time necessary rehabilitation. How can I use it in a hospital, clinic, exercise room or ward?




LOXYS creates a climate of altitude in each specified location. The technology is the result of collaboration of people passionate about sports, biomedical science and engineering. Our offer includes:

  • installing technology to create the conditions heights, tailored to the needs of your patients / clients, whilst ensuring a high level of safety and quality of these conditions,
  • courses and training in the conduct of rehabilitation in terms of lifting,
  • access to consultants who answer all your questions,
  • architect care if you need to rebuild the room.

Conducting rehabilitation in such conditions brings spectacular effects even after serious spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injuries. The benefits of the use of the high-rise in the rehabilitation process and assist the treatment you can read here.




We also wish to inform you that there is a possibility of trips to our research and development centers, both independently for instructional purposes, and together with his patient / client with the intention of rehabilitation cycle. There are training opportunities in the field of rehabilitation in terms of lifting and on the training pitch.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer all doubts, give advice and support.

Safe and proper use of technology LOXYS is possible due to wide range of training. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.