LOXYS in the service of medicine

According to the principle that the welfare of the patient is the most important goal should be to reach for modern methods not only treatment but also assist in this process. Thanks to the innovative measures can return to the health of your patients / clients, and they avoid complications. Such opportunities give high-altitude environment, which may be available in your offices and classrooms. LOXYS technology is a unique and safe solution to create the conditions for high altitude and hyperoxic without dangerous pressure changes inside the room. It is worth noting that LOXYS can be installed in almost all of the existing hall.




Terms of altitute are important in the following areas:

Simultaneous ability to create the hyperoxy conditions allows the use of a synergistic effect of these two therapeutic phenomena.




LOXYS team prepared a set of unique units therapeutic solutions that are always individually configured:

  1. LOXYS technology enables the creation of conditions for lifting and hipertoxic, ensuring the high quality of the air inside the room, thanks to constant monitoring of CO2, humidity, temperature and the use of HEPA filters.
  2. Care with the necessary architectural drawings, if necessary reconstruction.
  3. Courses and training in the medical use of technology LOXYS. Courses are generally conducted in Berlin, but on request can be performed in any specified location. Courses are conducted by German scientists who cooperate with our company for many years, carrying out pioneering research projects.
  4. Unlimited access to our consultants.




Power subtle treatment of hypoxia, while increasing the efficiency of the body earlier before surgery, for example, is a method of giving a spectacularly quick return to health. It will bring is your body healing of satisfied customers, enriching the offer of treatment services for a new solution that has a rich history of achievement. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

For proper and safe use of technology extremely helpful LOXYS are offered by our training. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of training courses.