People forming the band LOXYS combines passion for sports, mountains, health and technology. Knowing how beneficial properties have a high-altitude environment, we decided to provide everyone the opportunity to benefit from its advantages.




We offer a technological solution is the best system in the world to create the elevation in randomly selected areas. The essence of the effectiveness and quality of these conditions is in the details of our technology.

Areas of application technology LOXYS in sport and medicine attest to years of experience in its implementation and use. Therefore, do not leave our customers without adequate support in the form of consulting, construction management installation, services, or training on the proper application of subtle skills altitude hypoxia.




At the same time bearing in mind that the construction of the plant is often impossible due to various reasons, we provide whatever possible to implement training plans, therapeutic, rehabilitation and pre-acclimatization in our research and development facilities.

If you are interested in buying the technology and the ability to establish LOXYS cooperation with us, please contact us.