Mountains always close to you!

Offered by us LOXYS system allows the creation of appropriate conditions for alpine climate even in existing premises, for almost any size, making full use of the air conditioning system.

The preparation of suitable hypoxic air mixture starts in the technical room, wherein the air sucked in from outside is decomposed into prime factors, and then re-mixed in suitable proportions have changed. After hypoxic mixture is supplied to the room climate through the pressure pipe system. In the room the whole system is mounted ducts, diffusers and electronically controlled flap control and cartridge circulation. Highly sensitive sensors measure every second of the conditions in the room climate and the system is able to very accurately react to dynamic changes in the content of gases, caused, for example the opening of a door or the accumulation of excess CO2 exhaled by staying in the middle of the people.




LOXYS system, based on the continuously incoming data, actively changes the current composition of the mixture hypoxic in such a way that the air in the room climate corresponded always programmed value.


The most important is the constant control

The proportions of gases inside the room climate so are subject to continuous monitoring by a complex system of computer-sensor, which ensures the maintenance of stable conditions identical to the conditions prevailing in the high mountains. This parameter can adjust the height in the range of 2000 to 6000 m above sea level, the atmospheric pressure in the room will oscillate around 1033 hPa. LOXYS parallel system controls ventilation and air conditioning, ensuring comfort and job training. Simply program the desired height, open the door, cross the threshold, and you can – actively or passively – to use the beneficial properties of the mountain climate.




It is these unique opportunities so LOXYS system apart from other systems hypoxic. Other systems are mainly limited to the pumping of pure nitrogen to the sealed chambers training – until it reaches the intended relative to the rest of the nitrogen gas. As long as these spaces, nothing happens, the system seems to work – but only one person who actively resides there to upset the balance. These systems measure the O2  level frequently, every 2-3 minutes, while the measurement made even a minute is performed too often. Such a system is not able to actively respond to changes – which can not guarantee a stable maintenance of the desired height.