As in the mountains!

LOXYS system, the only one on the market, allows for a comfortable stay in a stable altitude. It is based on unfolding of air into components and secondary production of new hypoxic mixtures in proper proportion, which is constantly monitored (measurement of gas concentrations at 1 second). The measuring system allows you to instantly react to any changes in the room climate, caused such a modification of the amount of people staying there or opening the door. There is the need to reduce the pressure in the room or wearing a mask on his face. Offered by our system enables the creation of appropriate conditions for alpine climate even in existing premises, of any size (from 10 to 10,000 m2), making full use of the air conditioning system and ventilation – allowing a constant and comfortable stay at the height without going to the mountains! Indoor air reminds applying the LOXYS in large part mountain air is completely cleaned of smog and pollen, and on request can be even ions!




Advantages of LOXYS

  • the creation of stable conditions persist set height and constant control of CO2 levels – with accuracy and repeatability suitable for scientific work!,
  • the possibility of quick installation in any room,
  • smooth control and programming of the desired height from 600 to as much as 8,000 m above sea level,
  • training does not require a high-altitude acclimatization, is held under normobaric conditions,
  • LOXYS enables smooth application of the principles of IHT (intermittent hypoxic training),
  • LOXYS installed in the bedrooms (for example in hotels, bases accommodation, flats!) allows the use of the method of „sleep high – train low” and other variants thereof,
  • altitude training can be used as a regular workout complementary,
  • LOXYS HIOX extended version allows the use of methods of training in hyperoxia, where O2 content in the training room can range from 25 to 30%!,
  • needed only one service per year!,
  • costs of LOXYS system training are much lower than organizing a trip to the high parts of the mountains.