We provide a variety of training in the basic and extended and specialized individual training, enabling the advancement of knowledge in the field of practical application of the alpine climate in different areas. Training (one-, five-, ten-days) always include some theoretical and practical classes conducted at one of our centers, or – if you already have an installation LOXYS – at your place.




We also undertake the development of individual training programs or therapeutic. Sometimes you may encounter, even in people professionally involved in sports or rehabilitation, with some resistance associated with the use of the potential of the simulated high-altitude climate – even with such wide possibilities offered by the system LOXYS. These resistances are often caused by ignorance and lack of experience in this field. In such cases, only the first practical stay on the produced amount we give you the desired effect cognitive breaking any objections. So we invite all interested to visit, test training, or other therapeutic activities taking place at our partner centers in the fresh mountain air created by the system LOXYS. In order to arrange the individual terms, please contact us by email or telephone.


Medical training

LOXYS provides training in first aid prehospital, also expanded coverage to help with injuries. Such training can be purchased separately or bundled together with technology. It completed the issuance of the relevant certificate. The main part of the training includes a range of topics related to the recognition and implementation of the relevant rescue activities in the event of sudden cardiac arrest, along with the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).




The training is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the European Resuscitation council for basic life support (BLS). Training time is 4 clock hours, of which the greater part (3 hours) to exercise practical skills on mannequins. The training is conducted by the Medical Rescue.


Training of mountain medicine

LOXYS also offers comprehensive medical training before trips to the mountains high. It is a comprehensive two-day training, the scope of which includes the following topics:

Day 1:

  • Characteristics of high-altitude environment. Threats objective and subjective lecture 30 min
  • The reactions of the human body in height. Classes in groups of 4 persons in a simulated altitude  lecture 120 min
  • Acclimatization to altitude, discussion of physiological adaptive responses  lecture 30 min




  • Acute mountain sickness (AMS), causes, symptoms, diagnosis, procedure lecture 30 min
  • United severe acute mountain sickness – high altitude cerebral edema and pulmonary causes, symptoms, diagnosis, proceedings lecture 30 min
  • Sleep disturbances at altitude, how to deal with them lecture lecture 30 min
  • The effect of cold on the human body – hypothermia and frostbite. Ability to identify and implement appropriate management prehospital lecture 45 min
  • Classes in groups of skills establishment sterile dressings on a limb lecture 60 min
  • Influence of increased amount of UV radiation. Snow blindness, sunburn lecture 30 min

  Day 2:

  • Behavior during a storm, lightning lecture 20 min
  • Basic life support in adults according to the guidelines of the European Resuscitation council lecture 60 min
  • Exercise basic resuscitation on mannequins exercise 120 min
  • Treatment of fractures, sprains, dislocations exercises in pairs 60 min
  • Treatment of bleeding, and penetrating trauma, bandages exercises in pairs 30 min




  • Ability to develop a wound with an appropriate protection of the wounded exercise sewing skills surgical wounds 60 min
  • Ability to recognize the origin of the internal states of emergency – heart attack, stroke, food poisoning, infections lecture 30 min
  • First aid kit in advance – what to take? lecture 20 min

The training is conducted by a Doctor and Medical Rescue.