Consulting in the field of sport science

Consulting in the field of sport science is one of the trademarks LOXYS. Thanks to the close cooperation with the German company LOSA GmbH in Berlin technology development was based on purposeful use of the historical development potential and most widespread in Europe practical knowledge in the field of interval training pitch.

On request, we support our customers also in individual planning, execution, control, analysis and documentation of training – in order to achieve optimal athletic performance and therapeutic.




Therapeutic consulting

Therapeutic consulting combines methodical guidelines methodical training in the field of sport science and medicine training with the latest findings of research in molecular medicine and genetic. On this basis, developed in recent years, modern and extremely effective therapeutic approaches in which alpine climate plays a major or accompanying role.

Our partners – including Company ICP Helthcare – represent the world’s leading concepts optimally utilizing state of the art with the science of hypoxia for modern health management, increasing the efficiency of the body and optimize therapy.




Spectrum efficiency is meant to include disorders of the metabolism, diabetes, overweight, asthma, and respiratory diseases, allergies, blood picture improvement, rehabilitation optimized, coronary heart disease and stabilization of the immune system.

We would love to share with you our experience in this field!