The LOXYS system

Training and staying in an alpine climate conditions is for decades one of the most effective natural methods of improving the collection, transport and use oxygen through the body. Current achievements in the field of cognitive molecular medicine indicate the huge potential that lies in the deliberate use of hypoxic climatic conditions and the development of new strategies for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.




In a global competitive sports Russians, Germans and Americans are leading. The desire to maintain high places on the podium forcing coaches to seek more effective ways to train their athletes. Russian, German and American scientists have developed a number of different training methods, almost every discipline has its own specific recommendations. Therefore, the compound is controlled, a significant yield of organisms hypoxia athletes training in recommending some oxygen masks, while others created a whole bunkers in vacuum. More on this topic you can find out in section High altitude training and Medicine and alpine climate.

LOXYS technology goes a step further by proposing a stable way of getting the altitude through the creation and constant control of the respective proportions of gases in the composition of the air. As a result, there is no need to stay in the chamber of lower pressure or wear a mask.