Wellness at the highest level

Mountain climate affects human, causing a number of positive adaptive responses. This is due primarily to the change in altitude, resulting from the thinning air and its effects on the human body. This effect leads to the development of subtle tissue hypoxia, activating mechanisms that allow the person to operate at the high altitudes (High-Altitude Medicine and Physiology).




This leads to increase in the sensitivity of the respiratory center to the lack of oxygen, which is used in the treatment of sleep apnea. Our breathing rate with a heart rate slightly accelerate. The body knowing that it is in new environments, optimize his work, including improved economy of iron. Iron is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin accurately. The slight increase in the amount of hemoglobin causes a significant increase in body strength and the ability to generate more power, which is used in sport training. Due to the minimal loss of energy consumed for the purpose of adaptive improving economy of glucose, which in turn is used in the treatment of diabetes. Because of the necessity to deliver oxygen to all tissues of the body a change in the composition of the body, is associated with significant elimination of adipose tissue. Simultaneously improving blood lipid profile, lowering cholesterol, which is used for energy purposes. The need for full synchronization of the heart manifested by no possibility of reaching the maximum heart rate at high altitude. At the same time adaptive coronary vasodilation facilitate delivery of oxygen to the heart muscle. Within in the respiratory tract is observed a reduce of inflammation , which for more than two decades, is used to treat asthma in some countries. At the same time there is a stimulation and subsequent strengthening of the body’s antioxidant mechanisms. High activity of antioxidant enzymes allows the body to effective defense against aging process . Additionally, after stays at simulated altitude conditions observed appearance of larger amounts of ubiquitin – protein, which „marks” other damaged proteins (ubiquitination), which have to be removed. In this way improves the body’s ability to fight with dysfunctional proteins that may give rise to degenerative diseases or cancer (Neubauer JA. 2001).




Subtle (light) hypoxia = health and longevity

The above-described adaptive responses to hypoxia are factors, by which people living in moderate altitude (approximately 2500-3000 m above sea level) can live without the problem of the age of about 100 years. This can be seen, among others, in the Georgian villages located high in the mountains of the Caucasus.

LOXYS allows you to create such conditions in wellness centers, hotels and spas. Our system allows to produce conditions similar to those that prevail at a height of 2500 m above sea level (and higher). Stay for 1-2 hours in such conditions during the day, or to spend the night and return to the standard oxygen content, the above effects can intensify. Subsequent sessions in terms of lifting perpetuate these consequences, so that positive results can be seen over the next few months after the completion of the session with LOXYS.