Fitness on the top of a mountain in the center of the city?

This seems unlikely, but is possible. LOXYS technology enables the creation of high-altitude conditions at any fitness club, gym, spa, etc. within the great health benefits. But the most important advantage of such training, in addition to a very fast and effective fat reduction and improved efficiency, the short duration of the exercise. The whole workout can be done in about 1 hour! In comparison to conventional methods allows to achieve significant and very fast results. As a result, we save time, and build the perfect body shape at the same time gain physical fitness at the level of a master!




Training in the conditions offered by LOXYS is a solution that will prepare you to start at the highest professional level. High-altitude training, and exactly „intermittent hypoxic training” (IHT) can lead our capacity expressed in VO2max values of individual optimum. Therefeore achieving the results that are currently are dreams can be possible. Also important is the fact that in high altitudes is not in use all the time. During the year, enough 2 sessions of 10 to 14 workouts to at all times maintain a high level of efficiency. At the same time thanks to the altitude trainings longer breaks are much better tolerated, and the loss of power and efficiency is much smaller. The efficiency of created by us an artificial atmosphere of alpine evidenced by the fact that 34 representatives of different sports at the highest level trusted us.


Greater effect in a shorter time

If you do not have time for regular workouts, for example due to an excess of duties, the solution is LOXYS. Full training completed within 20 minutes at an altitude of 4700 m above sea level can be safely converted to a 1-hour run on the plains! Yes, both acute and short-term exposure to hypoxic conditions cause a number of positive changes described above.

Technology LOXYS is also addressed to people who for various reasons have difficulty with exercise intensity and load to allow them to achieve the intended results of training. We address here specifically to the problem of obesity and the diseases of the lower limb joint. High altitude training can reduce the intensity of exercise and influence impulsively on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system at the same time, which can improve the efficiency of the body. An increasing amount „burned” reduced calories and fat content without undue burden on joints and dangerous. Training of LOXYS may be a step towards fully recovered.




If you are interested in LOXYS technology, show your trainer our website or ask us.