Higher means more

Olympic Games in 1968 were held in the capital of Mexico. Stadiums are located there above the height of 2300 meters above sea level. Even before the Olympic representatives of some Olympic committees feared the impact of the amount of the performance of their athletes. The result was an agreement with Mexican authorities to free stays at the height of adaptation for selected players. The effects of these workouts have proven to be very interesting, both for coaches and sports doctors. The major changes has begun to be seen in organisms of athletes who trained at the height. In their blood found lots of new hormones and enzymes, which in lowland conditions do not appear at all – or only in trace amounts. Height was so clear impact on the efficiency of athletes. Those whose training adaptation were ill-prepared or too short, they had during the Olympics in serious trouble. While competition within certain disciplines there has been almost consternation! Recognized world competition endurance athletes have achieved unexpectedly low scores and on podiums stood unknown athletes, mainly from mountainous countries.




Scientists shocked by the scope of these changes began a series of extensive analysis and experiments. In this way the Olympic Games in Mexico initiated the rapid development of new research on the type of training – training high mountain, today called altitude training. In professional sports this training has gained wide acceptance. It is used in various combinations: „train high, sleep low”, „train low, sleep high” or other variants. Each of these methods has its supporters and interacts in a different way.

Changes caused by about exposure to the height that occur in living organisms – not only in humans but also in animals and plants – are designed to allow for extremely fast adaptation to degraded aerobic conditions.




The effects of this adaptation need sime time progress and stimulate the body and later, under the standard oxygen concentration. The real cause of all these changes in humans was discovered in twentieth century. It was turned out that in human DNA on second chromosome, is a gene that is activated only during stable hypoxia. More on this can be read in the section Why alpine climate?.


Inconveniences of natural conditions

In countries where high mountains are rare or non-existent there, realizing the full altitude training in natural conditions is impossible. In order to complete such training are necessary trips, usually in places far away. In addition, if there is a need for vigorous exercise during the winter, the purpose of the trip are mountain ranges, where the winter climate is mild. Check out such a rule is associated with the change of time zone, it is also necessary to acclimatise to the altitude. Lack of proper acclimatization can lead to the development of symptoms of acute mountain sickness. The initial acclimatization to the new time zone and the new amount, or also to the lower atmospheric pressure, it takes at least several days. Only after this period it is possible to start the intended training plan. For this reason, these trips last for a long time and entail significant costs.




Many athletes have no time or resources. There is no way at this point not to mention the risks associated with moving to the alpine area. At the fore injuries caused by uneven area, unstable weather, danger of falling, etc.


LOXYS System

LOXYS offers a stable way of getting the altitude conditions in the downstream area. Its foundation is the preparation of a suitable proportion of the composition of the air, which is constantly monitored. There is no need to reduce the pressure in the room or wearing a mask. The system offered by us enables the creation of appropriate conditions for alpine climate in existing premises, of any size (with few exceptions), making full use of the air conditioning system. More can be read on this subject in Details of LOXYS technology.




Advantages of LOXYS

  • the possibility of quick installation in any room,
  • training does not require a high-altitude acclimatization, is held under normobaric conditions,
  • LOXYS enables smooth application of the principles of IHT (intermittent hypoxic training),
  • LOXYS installed in the bedrooms for athletes allows the use of the method of „sleep high – train low” and other variants thereof,
  • altitude training can be used as a complementary training,
  • LOXYS HIOX extended version allows the use of methods of training in hyperoxia, where O2 content in the training room can range from 25 to 30%!
  • Costs of LOXYS system training are much lower than organizing a trip to the high parts of the mountains.