Center for training and therapy in Saki (Crimea)

ICP HealthCare GmbH – Noventalis- Institute for Bio-correction Noventalis

4 training rooms:

  • 2 rooms with mountain climate (hypoxia) – 50mand 35m2
  • 2 rooms with increased oxygen content up to 35% O2 (hyperoxia)  – 50mand 35m2




The connection of the application of hypoxia and hyperoxia allows the human body to optimize the metabolic changes that are initiated by the mountain climate, especially in the degradation of glucose – important for athletes and diabetics (Diabetes II).

The stay in the mountain climate in the organism starts a whole range of genetic mechanisms of adaptation to the utilization of oxygen to improve – from the cellular level up to the institutions.




The recovery period in oxygenated air, however helps exploit the previous adaptation in 100%. The glucose degradation and the reduction of blood fats are accelerated. The athletes can shorten their recovery time significantly and increase the recovery effect in increased oxygen content in the air.